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Miss Kiddy and The Cads Host Kitchen Disco

This Saturday night at 8pm join us for our 6th and final Kitchen Disco and it’s a special one…

This Saturday we were due to perform Toulouse Lautrec Jazz club in Kennington as part of our album promo tour for ‘Vintage Dirtbag’ so instead, Miss Kiddy and The Boss (+ mystery guest!) will be performing a stylish dinner set as ‘Miss Kiddy’s Kitchen Bistro’!

To accompany this, Toulouse Lautrec’s Executive Chef Florent has created a wonderful easy to cook French classic recipe for you to do before the performance so you can create your own French inspired Saturday night ‘in’ with great food and great music from us – just as you would get at Toulouse Lautrec!

This performance will be FREE to watch with donations to Miss Kiddy’s Kitchen Disco appeal for NHS Charities Together (we’re nearly at our £3000 target) and to the #saveourvenues appeal for independent venues such as Toulouse Lautrec who face the real possibility of closure.

Will be live at 8pm on Saturday 2nd May on: