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What the party manifestos mean for school funding in Stockport

Schools in Stockport face very different futures depending on which party wins the election, according to the National Education Union (NEU).

The union is part of the School Cuts Coalition, which has worked out what the different party manifestos mean for school funding.

The group has today relaunched its website – – to show exactly what the manifestos of the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats mean for every individual school in Stockport as well as the rest of England.

An interactive map shows not just the devastating impact of real-terms cuts to date, but how this will be affected by an incoming Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat government.

The school cuts research found that on average schools in Stockport would see:

  • Cuts of £202 per pupil compared with 2015 under the Conservative manifesto;
  • No cuts compared with 2015 under the Liberal Democrats and
  • Gains of £177 per pupil compared with 2015 under the Labour manifesto.

The research also revealed that:

  • 5271 Stockport pupils are in classes over 30.
  • Schools in Stockport would have been £10.7M better off this year if the cuts had not been made.

Ms Dawn Taylor, National Education Union branch secretary, said that many schools in Stockport – more than 88% – would still be lower funded in real terms than in 2015 if the Conservatives win the election, but that they would all get significantly more money if Labour forms the next Government.

‘The information is clear for every parent, teacher, head teacher and member of school staff,” Ms Dawn Taylor said. “On our website, they can immediately see how the funding for their school depends on who forms the next Government. We don’t tell people who to vote for. But we would ask them to do their homework before they vote and we do ask them to vote for Education.”