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The Exorcism of Karen REVIEW: “A plodding, unoriginal snoozefest”


From the title and the box art to the cinematography and opening titles, this is horror cliché 101. Exorcisms, posessions, crazy psychics and a couple in a spooky house this has them all and more and does absolutely nothing new with them.

The director’s previous films have featured largely non-actors and have attracted a sort of hokey low key cult following but this time out he has been given real actors and clearly doesn’t know what to do with them. The cast make a good stab at it, particularly Denise Moreno as Karen and Janine Nerissa as her concerned sister in law but all the acting ability in the world isn’t much use when the director is clearly asleep.


“A plodding, unoriginal snoozefest: leave this one on the shelf.”