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Manchester takeaway stripped of licence

In recent months Chickadoo, in Rochdale Road, has been subject to action both by Manchester City Council’s Licensing and Out of Hours Team as well as Greater Manchester Police.

Initially complaints were made to the council about the noise created by the takeaway’s extractor fan. However, upon investigation it emerged Chickadoo were frequently breaching its licencing conditions, operating well past its mandated closure time of midnight.

Residents reported the shop would remain open taking orders and carrying out deliveries until 4am on some weekends.

Exhaustive action was taken by the Licensing and Out of Hours Team to resolve the situation amicably, but, following continued breaches by the takeaway’s owner it was recommended the council should revoke its licence.

After reviewing the evidence presented, the council’s Licensing sub-committee made the decision to revoke the takeaway’s licence which allowed it to sell hot food until midnight, meaning it must now close by 11pm.